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When I was about 7 years of age, I stood in the middle of Robin's Field Primary School's playground on a glorious, cloudless, autumn day in London. Gazing up, a burst of ceruleun sky seared through me. I had been awakened from a deep, protective state of numb. Future decades jerked me back & forth on the teeter- totter of life. Great ups, miserable downs, nanoseconds of breathtaking joys, infinite hours deep inside pain. A couple of years ago, I began to hit the mercurial Wall o' Menopause. True to self, I went at it, head first, in a pool of icy hot sweat, the proverbial sledge hammer. Spiritually & emotionally, I was drained. Empty. As in "this well was D-R-Y." Of everything. Time passed & I began waking up again - just like on the playground. In reality, I must say, I really like this side of 50. "The best is yet to come ... "

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You are invited to The Matzoh Ball - it's not just for "The Fever's" anymore!

With an artic blast of wind blowing in from the bone-chilling north, my "bring a party dish" predicament was quickly resolved. What would be better to bring along to Sweet Judy Blue Eyes new year's day, multi-family rendezvous than chicken soup with matzoh balls! I know, that is what springs forth to everyones mind first, right?
"Oy," you may thinking. "Was she out of her mind? Here in the middle of the deeeeep, confederate flag honoring, pick-up truck driving, meat hunting south? How about a simple fresh fruit salad, arroz con whatever .... but SOOOOP?
"Balls", said the queen, "If I had them, I'd be king!"
(I just HAD to throw that one in!)
Fact is, I was thrilled to have brought in the new year by introducing many new people to a great traditional food of my peeps. It was get fun explaining what matzoh is, ("crackers? flatbread? Lavosh")?. A simple biblical reference to the Old Testament's epic saga of the Exodus & how this was THE unleavened bread described the eponymous book was all it took!
Okay. Let's face it. No one really knows what makes chicken soup (sans balls) a universal panacea - from scorcerers, to witch doctors,shamanic healers to mothers everywhere. Whatever it is, when paired with a discretionary amount of love & matzoh balls, the healing process is significantly accelerated.
The key to a great matzoh ball is that is should have texture, be light & have flavor.
With that, here is sista k's ultimate matzoh ball recipe.
One Box of Streits Matzoh Meal.
Follow the instructions on the back!
I use Perrier instead of Selter water as this adds to the lightness.
I also add all different seasonings including fresh dill & parsley, Badia Adobo seasonings & garlic powder.
All to personal taste.
Listen, this is an excellent vegetarian (not vegan) dish lends itself wonderfully to a simple vegetable based soup, carrots, onions, celery, leaks ... just add balls & a smile.
As always, ENJOY! A la salud!
(Look out for our delicious vegetarian pasta i fagioli ....)

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