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When I was about 7 years of age, I stood in the middle of Robin's Field Primary School's playground on a glorious, cloudless, autumn day in London. Gazing up, a burst of ceruleun sky seared through me. I had been awakened from a deep, protective state of numb. Future decades jerked me back & forth on the teeter- totter of life. Great ups, miserable downs, nanoseconds of breathtaking joys, infinite hours deep inside pain. A couple of years ago, I began to hit the mercurial Wall o' Menopause. True to self, I went at it, head first, in a pool of icy hot sweat, the proverbial sledge hammer. Spiritually & emotionally, I was drained. Empty. As in "this well was D-R-Y." Of everything. Time passed & I began waking up again - just like on the playground. In reality, I must say, I really like this side of 50. "The best is yet to come ... "

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Druid Moon returns after attending solstice festivals around the planet!

After attending a whirlwind of annual global winter
solstice celebrations, Druid Moon safely returned home
in the predawn hours of Monday morning.

"Breathtaking", said a local witness.

Druid Moon is reported to have been following long time
companion, Sun Set, as they circumnavigated the planet last Sunday.
This year's party themes included dreidels & group chanting as they
attended both Chanukah & Winter Solstice festivites.

Druid Moon, exhausted at the end of night, spotted laying down in
her exclusive bed of palms
somewhere in the southeastern horizon ....

"Father Sun & Mother Moon
Bless this, the fruit of your
Sacred womb."

December 21-22 2008

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